House Concert Information

I LOVED Teressa's house concert. It was real, honest, intimate and touching. The sense of connection and honesty was so special.”

— Joan Strain

House Concerts

Thank you for your interest in hosting a house concert!
Please fill out this form and we'll contact you as soon as possible.


What exactly is a house concert?

It's an intimate show with you and 30 or so of your closest friends. Teressa will come early to bring and set up the sound equipment (we only need one outlet), then we have 30 minutes or so of meet and greet time, followed by a one-hour concert, and then about 30 minutes more of conversation/hanging out. 

What am I getting into here?

We ask that you set aside two hours for the event. You can make it as simple or fancy as you like. Some people prefer to serve food (potlucks are great!), others prefer light snacks and drinks. It's your call. If you're more than 2 hours from Castle Rock, please consider hosting Teressa overnight in your home.

Does my house have to be huge to host a concert?

No, we find that most homes have enough space to host a concert. You can be creative with seating, and even use indoor and outdoor spaces (weather permitting).

Can we plan the concert in my back yard?

Yes! Outside is Teressa's favorite place to play music. Please have a back-up location planned in case of inclement weather.

How much does this cost?

The cost is based on a few variables, such as distance (travel/lodging) and time of year. We can also set up (at no additional charge)  an online ticket service for the host to offset the fee by selling tickets to the concert.

Can I go in with friends to host a concert?

 Sure! The more the merrier.