I have more questions than answers at this point, and I have learned to relish the beauty and adventure inherent in living in that space.”

— Teressa Mahoney

Castle Rock Lifestyle Magazine Writes about Teressa

Castle Rock Lifestyle Magazine Writes about Teressa

CCM Magazine Announces Teressa Mahoney's new album, Beyond
Beyond is one of the standout albums of 2019 so far. Teressa Mahoney delivers a sophomore album that is full of honesty, depth, vulnerability, and excellent musical production”

Dave Trout, UTR Media

Short Bio

Teressa Mahoney is a singer/songwriter, photographer, graphic designer and soap maker in Colorado. On most summer Sunday evenings, you’ll find her on her front porch, singing to a gaggle of family, neighbors and friends while they merrily throw corn hole bags and eat and drink interesting things. Her albums Beyond (2019) and Made New (2017) can be found on all major music platforms as well as her website, teressamahoney.com. You’ll find her #gratuitiousbeauty photography on Instagram 

Long Bio

Deep calls to deep…  

Teressa Mahoney has heard the roar of the waterfall and felt the buffeting of the waves, and her songs reach into the deep places, offering hope. Perceptive lyrics lay bare the yearning and grappling of an earthly journey, while Teressa’s achingly-sweet vocals echo the beauty and safety of a long-awaited home.  

Teressa’s own picture of home is suffused with the gratuitous beauty of the mountains and plains of Colorado, where she lives with her husband and their four children. A singer/songwriter since childhood, Teressa’s creative path led from performing at youth conferences across the country as a teen, to a musical hiatus to raise a family, to picking up her guitar once again a few years ago.  

The result was Teressa’s 2017 pop-influenced indie/folk debut, Made New, a five-song EP reminiscent of Amy Grant’s grounded, honest musical style. The Narnia-inspired track “Glimpses and Shards” hit number one on Tri-lakes Radio’s Colorado Peak Sounds, striking a chord with its emphasis on bittersweet hints of heaven. Teressa currently plays local venues, leads worship for events and retreats, and continues to write songs.   

Beyond, Teressa’s highly-anticipated 2019 release, shares the kingdom-breathed tone of artists like Audrey Assad and Andrew Peterson. With tracks ranging from the bright and hopeful “Kairos” and “Your Beauty Fills the Night” to the stripped-down heart cry of “Save me O God,” Teressa further develops her message of redemption and rescue amid the ruin with an eye to the time when all will be made new. Fans will relish her cover of Amy Grant’s “1974” and recognize Teressa’s characteristic vulnerability in “The Castle,” a song exploring walls built and torn down in relationships.  

Speaking of Beyond’s themes of hope and vulnerability, Teressa says, “I have more questions than answers at this point, and I have learned to relish the beauty and adventure inherent in living in that space.”

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