1. American Elegy

Waves of grain on stolen land as far as I can see
Mansions built in the shadow of the mountain's majesty
Sacred ground defiled by manifested destiny
America the beautiful . . we take what we need

Untroubled by the tears that fall, alabaster cities gleam
With profits made from human lives, a stain that won't come clean
We tell our children histories scrubbed up and incomplete
America the beautiful . . nothing's really free

When I had no food at all, what did you give me to eat
What about the time my thirst was overpowering
When I was a stranger, when I was a refugee
Did you have mercy on my humanity
Or did you banish me to satisfy your greed
So you could keep your things

Even under spacious skies, we're struggling to breathe
With images of innocents killed with bullets while they sleep
If our comfort is disrupted, we'll just turn off our TV
America, America, what a bitter legacy
America the beautiful . . . may God give grace to thee
America the beautiful . . . may God give grace to thee